Reflexite vehicle conspicuity materials are tough, weather-resistant products designed for rugged outdoor use. Applications include the following:

Agricultural Equipment
Agricultural tractors, trailers and implements utilize Reflexite conspicuity material on the Slow Moving Vehicle emblems, and for extremity marking for general safety. Relevant industry standards include ASAE S279, Lighting and Marking of Agricultural Equipment on Highways, and ASAE S276, Slow Moving Vehicle Identification Emblem.

DOT Truck & Trailer
DOT grade conspicuity tapes are applied to commercial trucks and trailers. This is required by law in the U.S. per Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) 108. A study by the DOT’s NHTSA confirms that the reflective tape is extremely effective in preventing underride crashes. DOT grade tapes are also required in Canada, Chile, Brazil, Peru and other countries.

Vehicle Conspicuity

Graphic Sheeting
Major automotive manufacturers use Reflexite materials to enhance the safety of their cars and trucks. Conspicuity material is applied to the inside edges of passenger doors, trunks or hatches. This improves the visibility of a parked or stopped vehicle to oncoming motorists, especially when the doors or hatches are opening/closing during egress/entry.

Vehicle ConspicuityReflexite conspicuity material enhances the visibility of all types of emergency vehicles. This includes police cars, ambulances and fire vehicles. Many of these vehicles today utilize glass-bead technology sheeting. Reflexite prismatic sheeting will reflect up to 10 times brighter. Markings can be as subtle as a simple ¾” stripe around the entire vehicle or as bold as a complete graphics package to promote your department’s visibility and image.

Recreational and sport activity vehicles such as snowmobilesATVsmotorcyclescampers and personal watercraft are perfect examples of applications where applying Reflexite sheeting will enhance safety as well as the style and appearance of the vehicles.

Railway / Rail Car
Marking of railroad freight cars with prismatic conspicuity tape is required by the U.S. DOT’s Federal Railroad Administration. Reflexite materials also make crossing gate arms and switch targets more visible.

Vehicle Conspicuity

School Bus
School buses in the U.S. and Canada are required to have conspicuity tape outlining the emergency exits, and in many cases striping the entire sides of the buses. Relevant safety standards are FMVSS 217 and 131, CSA D250 (Canada).

No matter what your application, Reflexite has an engineered solution to improve safety through greater visibility with our prismatic vehicle conspicuity sheeting.