Seen on Streets Program
As part of Reflexite Americas’ ongoing commitment to improving the safety of people through improved visibility, we are proud to offer our Seen On StreetsSM program. Seen On StreetsSM is a campaign to improve the visibility and awareness of children and adults so they will be Seen On StreetsSM, and thus reduce the unacceptable number of pedestrian injuries and fatalities. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 644 children aged 14 or younger were killed in pedestrian or bicycle-versus-motor vehicle crashes in the year 2000. More than 22,000 young pedestrians were injured during this same time period.

Seen On Streets KidsIn keeping with our company commitment to be good corporate citizens, Reflexite donates thousands of Seen On StreetsSM product packs to schools and community organizations nationwide. These product packs typically include colorful decals and stickers made from our microstructured retroreflective sheeting, and important safety tips. The packs appeal to both children and adults. Please contact us for more information.