School buses in the US and Canada are required to have conspicuity tape outlining the emergency exits, and in many cases striping the entire sides of the buses. Reflexite offers two conspicuity tape products in a specially formulated school bus yellow color. The materials are compliant with the FMVSS 217, FMVSS 131 and CSA D250 (Canada) specifications.

School Bus ConspicuityV82 School Bus SignsV92 Daybright

V82 “OEM Grade” Conspicuity
Reflexite’s 10-year warranty school bus yellow tape, as specified by major school bus manufacturers for their new-build buses.   V82 Product Data Sheet

V92 Daybright Conspicuity
An economical alternative to the V82 product providing a 5-year warranty. School bus yellow Daybright is excellent for retrofitting existing school bus fleets.
V92 Daybright Product Data Sheet

Reflexite also offers reflective “school bus” signs and sign blanks for use on the front and rear of the bus.