Conspicuity markings add a greater degree of visibility to rail cars, especially as they travel through grade crossings at night and in low-light conditions. Reflexite R99 yellow is the best choice for marking rail cars. Reflexite R99 is “FRA-224” compliant and is available in standard 4 inch wide rolls or cut strips.

R99 Product Data Sheet
R99 Application Instructions

Rail Car without Conspicuity Rail Car with Conspicuity
See the difference: Now you see it, now you don’t!
Hopper car with and without reflective conspicuity markings.

Other Rail
V82 and V92 ConspicuityReflexite prismatic sheeting is suitable for use in a variety of other railway applications. The visibility of crossing gate arms can be enhanced significantly with Reflexite’s V82 or V99 red/white conspicuity sheeting. Switch targets are also good examples of where prismatic sheeting can greatly improve long sight detection distance