With more than three decades of research and development behind us, Reflexite’s technologies continue to bring new standards of brightness, performance and quality to the reflective products industry.

Fire Safety
Serving the fire fighting and emergency services professionals, offering a greater degree of visibility in low-light conditions.

Incident Management
Providing safety professionals with high visibility portable signs for specific incident site control and management.

Marine Safety
Enhancing the visibility of both people and equipment, and improving safety in the harshest environmental conditions.

Photoelectric Controls
Offering flexible prismatic materials for polarized and non-polarized systems.

Personal Safety
Providing the highest degre of visibility for workers in many occupations, as well as for recreational users.

Road Building & Maintenance
Making sure that construction work zones are safe environments for drivers as well as workers.

Vehicle Conspicuity
Enhancing the nighttime visibility of trucks, trailers, emergency vehicles,school buses, rail cars and all types of industrial vehicles and equipment.