Retroreflective sensor systems require the use of a separate reflector or reflective tape that is mounted across from the sensor. The reflector is designed to return light back to the sensor.

Light Return Pattern

In a retroreflective system the amount of light returned to a photoelectric sensor depends on the size, or area, of the retroreflective target, and how efficient a reflector the target is. Typically, the larger the size of the target, the greater the amount of light that will be returned to the sensor.

The type of target material is important because it determines the efficiency of the reflector. Spherical lens glass bead systems focus light on the rear surface of the bead where it is reflected back toward the light source. A cube corner prismatic system reflects light off each prism facet and back towards the light source. The cube corner prismatic reflector is three times more efficient than the glass bead reflector. Note also that the cube corner prismatic reflectors can work in polarized photoelectric control systems.

Microprism & Glass Bead Technology

Reflexite offers high-performance prismatic retroreflective materials that provide excellent performance in photoelectric control systems. Our retroreflective target materials are manufactured to include 47,000 reflective prisms per square inch. The resulting product with a pressure sensitive adhesive backing provides a tough, resilient, non-breakable target. Reflexite materials offer easy, cost effective solutions to special size and shape needs. Our targets also function efficiently over a wide range of the infrared and visible wavelengths.

P66 Photoelectric SheetingP66 & P82 Photoelectric Sheeting

Both P66 and P82 are metallized, 8-mil, UV stabilized polymeric films that may be used as a retroreflective target for non-polarized photoelectric control systems. The P66 is printable while the P82 is provided with a solvent and weather resistant top coating.

  • Color is white (silver).
  • Standard configuration is 2 inches wide x 50 ft. rolls.
  • Available in widths up to 30 inches.
  • Pressure sensitive adhesive backing.

AC1000 Photoelectric SheetingAC Reflector Material

Reflexite’s AC sheeting is a non-metallized acrylic sealed to a vinyl carrier, with an acrylic based adhesive backing. This product is suitable for use in polarized photoelectric control systems. Reflexite offers a variety of shapes and sizes, including circles, squares and rectangles.

  • Color is white.
  • Please contact us for specific shapes and sizes.