Reflexite prismatic sheeting is converted into retroreflective garment trim, providing highest levels of visibility for workers of many different occupations – work zone and construction, utility repair crews, police and emergency service personnel, survey crews, railway workers, airport ground crews, delivery personnel, fire professionals and more.

Reflexite’s offering includes trims that exceed the retroreflectivity requirements of ANSI/ISEA 107-1999, an American National Standard for High Visibility Safety Apparel. This standard is designed to help protect the occupational worker from the hazards of low visibility.

In temporary work zones, workers rely on the brightest day and nighttime visibility by employing Reflexite’s fluorescent reflective tapes that alert the oncoming motorist of the workers ahead. Unlike exposed glass bead trim that reflects only white at night, Reflexite tape’s brightly visible color helps identify the wearer as a person, especially against a white, light-polluted background. Reflexite fluorescent red-orange and lime-yellow tapes are extremely visible during the hours of dusk and dawn, when temporary work zone workers are often on the roads and on the job.

Public Safety experts depend on Reflexite high visibility reflective films to help them be more visible when responding to incidents. Reflexite garment trims retain reflectivity even when drenched with water. Unlike exposed glass bead trims, Reflexite materials reflect color for easy identification.

Pedestrians and bicyclists can be especially vulnerable in traffic when visibility is low. “I just didn’t see them” is all-to-commonly heard from motorists after a pedestrian is struck. Using Reflexite materials such as trim on shoes, apparel, backpacks, accessories or even sporting equipment such as skateboards, helmets and in-line skates not only helps to make pedestrians more visible to motorists but it also adds an element of style.

Reflexite’s enclosed prismatic optical system allows garment trim to retain nearly all its reflectivity when wet – even when drenched with rain. Note that exposed glass bead trim may lose as much as 80% of its reflectivity when wet.

Clothing, shoes, life vests, equipment – practically anything – can be trimmed with Reflexite reflective material to safeguard active people in low-light and low-visibility conditions.

Brilliance ANSI Garment Tapes
Brilliance series retroreflective prismatic trims are tough, weather-resistant, and exceed the minimum retroreflectivity requirements of ANSI/ISEA 107-1999.

Patches & Shapes
These tapes can be either sewn or radio frequency sealed to coated fabrics and vinyl material.

Vinyl Tapes
Reflexite patches are made from retroreflective vinyl for sewing onto coats, uniforms, and vests.