Reflexite patches are made from retroreflective vinyl and are sewn onto coats, uniforms, and vests. They are used in the fabrication of safety clothing for the construction or emergency service markets.

  • Various sizes are available, in shapes including rectangles, chevrons, and Stars of Life.
  • Colors available: all 11 vinyl colors
  • Backing: Typically soft white vinyl

Shapes and Novelties
Retroreflective shapes and novelties are made from Reflexite prismatic material. They are used to mark helmets, hard hats, shoes, bikes, bags, and anything else where safety can be enhanced by visibility.

  • Many shapes are available, from rectangles to circles to shamrocks, butterflies and more.
  • Several sizes of American flags are offered.
  • Colors available: all 11 vinyl colors
  • Backing: pressure sensitive adhesive

Shapes and Novelties Shapes and Novelties Patches and Shapes