Incident Management


Fluorescent Pink Roll-up Sign
Reflexite Fluorescent Pink Retroreflective Roll-up Signs are constructed similar to Super Bright sign substrates and comply with 2003 edition Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) section VI, Chapter 6I, “Traffic Control Through Traffic Incident Management Areas.”

Like all Reflexite brand roll-up signs, Fluorescent Pink signs feature Enhanced Surface Preparation (ESP) Coating.   Fluorescent Pink Roll-up Sign Product Data Sheet

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) defines a traffic incident as “an emergency road user occurrence, a natural disaster, or other unplanned event that affects or impedes the normal flow of traffic.” Examples of unplanned roadway incidents include:

  • A stalled vehicle blocking a lane
  • A traffic crash blocking the traveled way
  • A hazardous material spill along a highway
  • Natural disasters

The latest edition of the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) includes a new section, part VI, Chapter 6I, entitled, “Control of Traffic Through Traffic Incident Management Areas.”

In this section, a new color has been assigned for use only during unplanned roadway incidences. Just like the color orange indicates a work zone, now fluorescent pink indicates a traffic incident.

By employing a color not used for any other purpose, fluorescent pink roadway devices will signify to motorists that something out of the ordinary is ahead, to expect that emergency personnel may be in the roadway, and that traffic flow will change.

Improved temporary traffic control through traffic incidents also is expected to reduce the number of secondary incidents (a traffic crash that happens as a result of the primary unplanned event) by improving traffic flow through or around the incident.

Many first responders have long advocated improved traffic incident management in order to help improve their personal safety when out in the roadway providing emergency assistance.

Reflexite is proud to offer a Fluorescent Pink Roll-up Sign that is designed specifically for use for traffic incident management situations. Our Fluorescent Pink solutions offer an effective way to get the attention of motorists as they approach an unplanned roadway event.