The Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) Issues Final Rule for Reflectorization of Rail Freight Rolling Stock, “FRA-224”

On Monday, January 3, 2005, the FRA issued the final rule to mandate the reflectorization of freight rolling stock. This rule establishes a schedule for the application of retroreflective material and prescribes standards for the construction, performance, application inspection and maintenance of the material. The purpose of the rule is to enhance the visibility of trains in order to reduce the number of crashes at highway-rail grade crossings in which train visibility is a contributing factor. The final fule becomes effective on March 4, 2005.

Copies of the final rule can be obtained by going to and completing a quick search with information 49 CFR Part 224. The rule is commonly referred to as “FRA-224”.

FRA Website

Some highlights of the rule:

  • Applies to new build and in-service rolling stock.
  • Affects more than one million rail cars and 20,000 locomotives.
  • Conspicuity material may be yellow or white in color per ASTM D4956 specifications.
  • Size of markings is 4″ x 18″; and 4″ x 36″.
  • Certification mark on reflective material is required.

Rail Car with FRA Conspicuity

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Reflexite is currently offering R99 Rail Car Conspicuity material in yellow and white, with the FRA-224 cert mark. For more information please see our website section on Vehicle Conspicuity for Rail Cars, or contact us at [email protected], or (800) 654-7570.