Reflexite offers three products for commercial truck and trailer marking. All are prismatic tapes, and all exceed the requirements of FMVSS 108. The tapes come with an aggressive pressure-sensitive adhesive backing that is designed for application to bare and painted metals, fiberglass, structural composite materials and more. The tapes are made from fully metallized, UV stabilized polymeric film, 2 mils thick. Single ply construction means no edge sealing is required.

V82 DOT “Classic”
V82 ClassicV82 ClassicThis is Reflexite’s OEM-grade, 10-year warranty material. Offers the brightest reflectivity available.
V82 Product Data Sheet

V99 DOT “Daytime White”
V99 Daytime WhiteV99 Daytime WhiteAnother OEM-grade, 10-year warranty material that offers an alternative look to V82. This tape features a white line pattern printed in the style of 3-D cubes. This line pattern gives the tape a whiter daytime appearance than V82. V99 Product Data Sheet

V92 Daybright DOT
V92 DaybrightV92 DaybrightThis is a “retrofit grade” product that offers a 5-year warranty. V92 Daybright is an economical and effective alternative to the 10-year products when retrofitting older equipment. V92 Daybright Product Data Sheet

Red-White DOT ConspicuityThe above tapes are available in the following patterns:

  • Alternating 6″ Red 6″ White (6-6)
  • Alternating 11″ Red 7″ White (7-11)
  • Solid White DOT

Standard configuration is roll goods, 2″ wide x 150 ft long.
Kiss-cut rolls and precut strips are available.
Other widths and roll lengths are also available.