Daybright High Visibility Reflective Flag

Reflexite Americas is proud to offer the Daybright High Visibility Reflective Flag.

Unlike most other reflective flag decals, this one is made from DOT grade prismatic conspicuity material. The Reflexite Daybright Flag will retroreflect at least 3 times brighter than non-prismatic flag decals, making a much stronger impression. It will also be seen and recognized from much further distances.

The Daybright High Visibility Reflective Flag decal is perfect for enhancing the look of trucks, trailers and all types of mobile equipment. Highly durable and ultra-thin, the decal has a pressure sensitive adhesive backing suitable for rigid substrates such as metal, aluminum and fiberglass. It is very easy to apply and will add a measure of safety to your fleet by reflecting brightly in oncoming vehicle headlights.

Sizes Available
Large 7.75″ x 14″
Small 3.75″ x 6.5″

Please call 800-654-7570 for pricing and ordering information.

Note: This item is especially popular for Fire and Police vehicles, and for the rear doors of trailers and box trucks.