Reflexite conspicuity materials comply with the ASAE specifications for enhancing the visibility of agricultural and off-road equipment.

Slow Moving Vehicle (SMV) Emblem Border
Agriculture SMV TriangleReflexite red V82 (7-year) conspicuity tape is the material of choice for constructing the trapezoidal borders of SMV emblems. The Reflexite red prismatic tape outlines the non-reflective, fluorescent orange center of the SMV emblem (contact SMV Technologies for the non-reflective fluorescent material), making the emblem conspicuous at night or in low-light conditions. Available in a pre-cut trapezoid shape, or material may be purchased in roll goods.   V82 Product Data Sheet

General Extremity and Farm Implement Markings
Red V82 ConspicuityYellow V82 ConspicuityReflexite red V82 and yellow V82 (7-year) conspicuity tape is used for marking the extremities of farm equipment and implements. Typical configuration is a 2″ x 9″ rectangular strip. The red strips are applied to the rear extremities of the equipment, while yellow strips are applied to the sides and front. Available in pre-cut strips, or material may be purchased in roll goods.